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Horse Dreams is a tribute album to the horse like no other - 13 songs created and performed by new age / neoclassical composer / artist, William Paul. Would you enjoy a musical journey into the equine world where fantasy becomes reality and reality becomes fantasy ? Can you imagine melodies dedicated to the horse, that sound like a colaboration of Vangelis, Kitaro, and Yanni, with classical influences from Beetoven, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky ?

Curious? So was William Paul when he composed, recorded, and dedicated Horse Dreams to this magnificant animal in all of its real and mythical guises. With inspiration from new age artists such as Tangerine Dream and Cirque du Soleil, this album presents a musical celebration of the horse never before heard.

You may have experienced horses in many different ways throughout your life, but Horse Dreams was created to honor the grandure and wonder of this awe-inspiring animal.

Horse Dreams leads you into the very heart of the equine world in a manner that has never been done before. The experience is so unique, you must prepare yourself for a pleasant suprise, one that will astound you.

William Paul's , Horse Dreams, takes you on an equine journey from the ancient past to the present, where you will find yourself traveling through history to visit realms and imagine visions never before conceived. Join moonlight caravans, admire Arabians in the desert, meditate in Asian tranquility, or stand beside Alexander the Great as he weeps for his trusted steed, Bucephalus.

Although Horse Dreams is an ideal horse gift and can also be used for a kur in dressage, you don't have to be a horse lover to appreciate the beautiful music. William Paul's personal feelings of love, compassion, and excitement are both personal and universal in nature. The album's mood is perfect for easy listening, relaxation, or massage therapy, and expressed through a variety of musical styles and instruments from many diverse cultures.

No creature on earth has ever served mankind so nobly as the horse, nor has any been so deserving of a musical tribute. Its contribution to civilization is immeasurable and everlasting, as it still influences the lives of millions today.

Let William Paul's, Horse Dreams lift your spirit by revealing the majesty of this glorious creature in all its splendor through beautiful music.

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