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Rikks Revues

…."The flow of "Observations In The Woods" is a wondrous experience…. The tranquility encountered is unsurpassable…. Flowing strings and melodies that move you gently through the entirety of the CD, almost as if it in itself were a landscape…. "Observations In The Woods" is a true listening "experience" and it is one of those pieces that can captivate the listener."

-Rikk Matheson

* * * *

New Age Reporter

..."The rising and falling of the music leads you to believe that it is the breath of God as She/He breathes life into the mountains and forests of the planet."..."Wayne Kelling has mastered piano, acoustic guitar, and keyboards. His music has that earthy echoing sound that cushions your footfalls, shines a light on your path and clears a stormy sky. He has a strong connection to his planet and his God. And you can hear it in every note."

-RJ Lannan of "The Sounding Board"

* * * *

Solo Piano Publications

"Observations in the Woods" is a gorgeous collection of fifteen original pieces by multi-instrumentalist Wayne Kelling….. What a satisfying musical journey….."Observations In the Woods" is like a gentle massage for the mind…… Very highly recommended!

-Kathy Parsons

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"I was surprised to learn that this self-released album is actually Wayne Kelling's first, because musically it is superb - in my opinion it exemplifies some of the best qualities that the new age genre has to offer." ... "Observations in the Woods" is an aurally picturesque, melodious, and serene album that I can highly recommend."

-Dene Bebbington

* * * *

Wind and Wire

..."I thoroughly enjoyed the CD and it made me wish more artists were doing this kind of music again. Kelling's serene keyboards, played without a trace of pretension or faddish accouterments, were a sheer pleasure from the first playing." "The album closes with the guitar and synth string ballad "Movin' On," and I was sad to hear it all end." "Solidly recommended to fans of electronic new age music!"

-Bill Binkelman

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Transnational Perspectives

….."This is a lovely 15 strides trip through a calm forest starting "At the Edge of the Forest" and ending with "Movin’ On." "A fine recording which many will enjoy."

-Rene Wadlow

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Splendid Magazine

….."Observations is a tribute to (surprise!) the forest, but the music is so relaxing and beautiful that it's difficult to find fault with it."

-David A. Cobb

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….."Observations in the Woods" is a joy to listen to. Each composition can stand alone, but together, there is superb thematic continuity both technically and aesthetically. This instrumental CD so soothing, the first time I put it in the CD player for my husband to listen to, he fell asleep! ….The relaxing compositions are wonderfully appropriate for prayer, spiritual reading, meditation, massage, or other contemplative, healing practice.

-Janet Boyer

* * * *

Commentary by the Artist

This music has been seven years in the making. Yet, it still maintains an underlying theme of a closeness with nature. Some of the compositions are: Sunrise on North Face, From Here to There, Last Flight of the Butterfly, Dance of the Dewdrops, As the Sun Falls, I Must Say Goodbye, and Moving On.

All of the music on this album was composed, played, recorded, and mixed by me. I hope you enjoy hearing it, as much as I've enjoyed playing it.

Observations in the Woods is a heartfelt, musical journey through the beauty, the sadness, the magic, and the majesty that exist within the depths and boundaries of the forest. From the mystery of the mists "At the Edge of the Forest" to the heights of "An Eagle Soars By", to the compelling and haunting "I Must Say Goodbye", this music unfolds the wonder of the innermost intimacy between nature and one's soul that will surely stir feelings deep within you. Just how far it may take you is limited only by your imagination, but it is a journey that is well worth your time.

May I suggest that you set aside some quiet "alone" time in comfort, and just relax as each composition sings to your heart and carries you away into another world. Some compositions are accompanied by the thoughts that inspired the music, and some that the music inspired.

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