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Wayne Kelling

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"I don't know exactly why many artists have the unrelenting need to 'musically' express what they see or feel. But I suspect it's because words are never enough." (smile............thanks) Here are a few stats that I hope might be of some interest: My background is somewhat intermixed with about 45 years experience playing piano (6 years formal lessons), 34 years of playing acoustical guitar, and 8 years of drums (2 years formal lessons). My keyboard years were probably as normal as anyone elses, with a piano always in the house, and everyone in the family getting involved in making music 'happen'. But my experience with acoustic guitar seemed to be a natural addition, and in 1970 in South Vietnam, I bought one for $5 and fell in love with the sound acoustic guitars make. Over the years I've written several guitar instrumentals, learned various chord structures, developed a style of 'finger-pickin', and am satisfied with the level of play I've achieved as a 'self-taught' guitarist. With both piano and guitar, I've been exposed to the years of playing at weddings, nursing homes, church functions, and family get-togethers. With this background in mind, you can understand how much I've appreciated having had this opportunity to work on the project "Observations in the Woods" in my own home, composing, playing, mixing, and recording all the music myself. That in itself has been a totally new experience for me, but also never has any project had such a profound affect on my life.......... never had I been 'inspired' to the point of hearing the music before it was written. And what a humbling it has been to see the tears in my father's eyes, knowing it was NOT from the pride of a father for his son, but from the depth of emotion that this music had stirred within him. Somehow, for me, it makes all the years of work (?) worthwhile. And, in the end, for me still, "words are never enough."

-Wayne Kelling

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