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Ronin - A Comet's Tale

Electronically composed and executed classical, instrumental music from the depths of the universe. In the year when Hale-Bopp made its glorious appearance this album is evocative of the universal vastness, beauty and serenity. Unlike the current crop of "New Age" music, this release is alive and exciting. Also, by Ronin, "Inspirations" - Relaxation Music for the Body and Soul, a set of 12 serene instrumental songs inspired by the 12-step program used in the recovery from addictions.

-Stavros Moschopoulos, Rome, Italy

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Jazz Magazine

Ronin - A Comet's Tale (11tks/64mins)

Did you ever want to make a journey aboard a comet in our Solar System? If yeas, then switch on the "A Comet's Tale" CD, sit comfortable, and you're on your way! With this music by Ronin we'll ride a comet from the depths of space to the sun, and then will fly away to the endless universe. We will fly past all the planets of the Solar System, stopping for a while near each of them and observing patiently these satellites of our sun.

The music of "A Comet's Tale" is a mixture of meditative keyboards of Rick Wakeman with serene electronic sounding of "Aeoliah". The last seventeen-minutes long track "Reprise" has reminded me the "Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria (Into Eternity)" from the famous album "1492" by Vangelis.

"A Comet's Tale" is like a flight from the present to the unknown future. The musician tells about his works the following "With each CD I want to move more into the future… I don't know what the future will bring, but it is certainly going to be an exciting adventure". This CD by Ronin is an ideal background music, With this music it is very good to relax, make massage and make love. Many doctors can use "A Comet's Tale" in their therapeutic practice. To my mind, warm and optimistic music by Ronin is especially suitable for psychotherapeutic groups.

If you are tired and wishing to relax, don't hesitate to switch on "A Comet's Tale" and start a journey through Ronin's musical universe!

-Serge Kozlovsky, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

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The Rice Paper

Ronin - Inspirations

There is an inherent difficulty in reviewing New Age relaxation music in that it is difficult to assess music that is specifically designed to fade into the background. I personally feel that in order for New Age music to be successful, it must strike a fine balance with the listener: it must be original and distinctive enough to avoid becoming muzak but not so original and distinctive that it will disrupt the consciousness of the listener and fail to have the tranquilizing effect that is in intended. On these grounds, "Inspirations" succeeds admirably. Ronin uses his classical training to create a series of twelve pieces that are tuneful and interesting and yet gently enough to lull the listener into relaxation or even sleep. The music, performed on multi-tracked keyboards, is varied in sound and texture and at times can be compared to a less artificial sounding Vangelis. "Inspirations" avoids the repetitive and monotonous noodling that is the hallmark of some New Agers and the mood of the pieces is always light and optimistic (unlike, say, Enya, whose music I like but who always leaves me feeling melancholy and nostalgic for Ireland). It is perfect for meditating, relaxing or writing reviews to.

-Kuan Foo, Vancouver, Canada

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