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"With each CD I want to move more into the future. I have been consciously trying to ground myself in the past and move through the present." These are the words that Ronin lives by. He combines musical ideas from the past great composers and using today's technology to produce creatively inspired music.

Ronin began his musical career by studying classical music and the composers of the past, He set up Gopher Productions, his record company, in 1991 when he put together his own studio. It is there that he writes and records all his music and where his two CDs were created.

In 1994, Ronin released his first CD Inspirations. This recording is his musical interpretation of the twelve step program for recovery from addictions. Inspirations has such a calming effect, that many health professionals play it while administering therapy.

Ronin's latest CD A Comet's Tale takes the listener on a musical journey aboard a comet speeding through our solar system. Drawing on a variety of musical styles and ideas from classical, jazz, rock, and pop music, this solely instrumental recording concludes with an ending that takes us all the way out into space. He doesn't hold back musically. His CD begins with a haunting alien melody which represents the vast emptiness of space and ends with a 17 minute reprise summing up each theme from the entire recording. While there is the use of many traditional instrumental sounds, Ronin takes full advantage of his preferred recording medium, the synthesizer, for a variety of dreamscapes to push the boundaries of his music.

"I've been fortunate enough to be able to pursue an artistic career." His career has been truly varied, for not only is Ronin a composer and recording artist, but he is also a published author and professional actor.

"I don't know what the future will bring, but it is certainly going to be an exciting adventure."

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