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Recording artist Roger Palmer and William Reedy, the highly accomplished nylon-string guitarist are the creators of Lifetimes; a project that took three years to evolve.

The evolution produced a body of work that is categorically "New Age" music, but it is fresh and new, beautifully written and beautifully produced. The melodies and moods fairly glisten from beginning to end. Phrase by phrase, note by note, Lifetimes is a spherical reflection illuminating conflict within the human psyche which struggles to find a state of peace. As a whole, the CD is a poignant reminder that each lifetime is a miracle and a divining journey.

In its entirety, the recording is built around a central theme: Millennium Suite. The only interruption in the instrumental format is Awakening a poem written by Janice Johnson Palmer. Reminiscent of Pink Floyd's Delicate Sound of Thunder, the music is clearly an interpretive vehicle picking up where words leave off.

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Jazz Kbaapat Magazine

Light and pure like a crystal-clear water stream, this music is easily flowing into your house, enveloping you and distracting you from the humdrum. It lets you remember the joyous side of your life. There is no tension in Roger Palmer's melodies, they are weightless and divinely euphonious like a soft breeze, like the air itself filled with the scent of spring. They are lively; they have the spontaneity and optimism of a child with a long and adventurous life ahead. Lifetimes is music by a man who has come to the Earth to celebrate and enjoy his life, to love and make something unexpected, eccentric and kind. Roger Palmer's album is a view of a person who is not serious and who knows that all problems are made-up and there is nothing except love. All troubles are kind of going into perspective, and you are listening to this music, then just stop and marvel at how beautiful it is. Lifetimes is music by a person who remembers that he is the spirit and creator and that one cannot be really alive without creativity. The creators are back...but you feel like laughing, because the creators are relxed and not serious at all.

In fact, Roger Palmer's music is simple; it does not seem to have any mysteries and complex meanings. It is totally here with you, and you can just enter this beautiful world - it is wide open for you. The only thing you need is to be ready to perceive it.

Keyboards played by Roger Palmer, guitars played by William Reedy, voices of whales and lapping of water sound exceptionally harmoniously all together, and create the atmosphere of celebration. Lifetimes captivates by its elegant instrumentation and its superior sound design. Besides, Roger Palmer's album has a perfect composition.

Lifetimes is the kind of music, which does not belong to any specific style; it assimilates the best of whatever other styles have. It can be called an excellent example of new age music. It is music of the new Earth, it is emerging like a snowdrop on a thawed patch in a bare spring forest breathing the moist air.

-Serge Kozlovsky, translated by Anna Dolgacheva

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Sounds of Seattle

Palmer turns in a quality album of instrumental music like what you might find on the shelf as you browse through the CD's at Natural Wonders or your favorite holistic book shop. Assisted by Will Reedy, local engineer/producer who also performs his unique nylon string guitar work on the record, this album has all the marking of fine art. The recording, which was done at Acoustic Chambers in Kent, is top notch. A nice album for relaxing with.

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