Reflections on the River

Peter Fields - CD Review

Peter Fields is a master of the classical guitar. He is an accomplished performer and composer, and is fluent in numerous styles of guitar. His repertoire ranges from the masterpeices of the classical guitar to extraordinary arrangements of R&B classics, as well as interpretations of ethnic music from various parts of the world. He can be heard on numerous recording projects on Polygram and various independent labels, and on many television programs.

Peter has lived his entire life in the Chesapeake Bay Area, and this title, "Reflections on the River", is a very personal musical reflection of the many influences that growing up and living in this area have had on his life and music. This project reflects Peter's own masterful synthesis of many musical styles from around the world into a music that is uniquely his own. He successfully combines warmth, honesty, technical precision, structural complexity and emotional depth and abandon into a coherent and satisfying whole. The virtuoso performance of his own original compositions which Peter gives on this CD constitutes a masterwork for one of the most supremely difficult-to-master instruments ever devised - the classical guitar.

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