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With Sometimes From Here, Peter Janson’s newest solo acoustic guitar album follows in the footsteps of his highly regarded debut Across The Bridge ("Best Acoustic Instrumental Album of the Year - Finalist" New Age Voice Music Awards, July 2000), and continues to delight acoustic, adult contemporary instrumental, new age, and guitar music lovers.

There is a new kind of immediacy here which reveals an artist who has grown and changed as a result of family tragedy, yet has refused to close his eyes and ears to the beauty of each new day. In some ways, Sometimes From Here is a re-introduction to this American guitarist - still evocative, artistic, and spiritual, yet subtly different.

Peter began playing guitar as a kid in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he quickly sought to find his own style and sound. He was never comfortable imitating other guitarists. "When I began playing guitar seriously," he says, "I figured out that I had to understand the difference between learning from a great guitarist, emulating him or her, and using those lessons as a catalyst that would enable my true self to emerge. My parents taught me early on that we are each too valuable as ourselves to try to be someone else."

Although his list of influences is long and diverse, Peter's earliest musical influence was his father. "My dad played an eclectic style of solo guitar that stemmed from his love of the music of Chet Atkins, Django Reinhardt, Les Paul and Andrés Segovia. I would just sit and listen to him for hours at a time. He was an awesome player: style, taste, improvisation, memory, technique, he had it all. I'm sure I've inherited my love of eclecticism and my talent from him, and I hope I make people enjoy guitar music as he did."

Perhaps growing up in New England, with it's four robust seasons, quickly changing weather, and concentrated polarities of cosmopolitan city, earthy country, panoramic ocean coastline and beautiful mountains within a few hours drive time of one another is an additional connection to subtle eclecticism. Peter still makes his home there, living in a rural area south of Boston.

While pick style guitar playing is more common, Peter prefers playing fingerstyle and his guitarist influences include: Martin Simpson, Michael Hedges, Pat Metheny, Leo Kottke, Ed Gerhard, Doyle Dykes, Alex De Grassi, Dominic Miller and more.

Peter Janson's guitar playing is inviting and evocative. Acoustic Guitar magazine calls him "a subtle and expressive player...[who] imbues every note with musical meaning and nuance," and possessing "luscious tone and elegant compositional ideas." And "Wind & Wire" magazine's Bill Binkelman declares "Sometimes From Here confirms my belief (held when I heard his debut recording) that Peter Janson is one of the best acoustic guitarists recording today."

Rising from classical, folk, jazz, and new age roots, Peter's music is sometimes from here, sometimes from there, but always from his heart.

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