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Sounds From the Ground Up - New Age Retailer

Designed for use by yoga practitioners and students, Asana Sangit absolutely fits the bill. The six songs were composed and performed by musician Mark Biehl. The album begins slowly and peacefully. “Tayari” is a free flow of ambient notes, centering yoga enthusiasts within their bodies and bringing their attention to a more intentional, meditative place. This track moves seamlessly into “Dhire Barhna,” which encourages easy movement with slow percussion and guitar. The tempo increases with “Garmi” and “Bardast,” getting the blood flowing and body moving with more effort. Then, gradually, the tone deepens and softens on “Kam Karna.” The album concludes with the tranquil piano notes of “Santipurna.”

Asana Sangit’s playing time is about one hour. Guitar contributions come from Peter Maunu.

-Mara Applebaum


New Age Retailer

One of the best debuts of the year...Biehl's wondrous compositions sparkle with an effervescent freshness. I urge you to take an inner trip with LANDSCAPES...


World Music Magazine

This is music woven by a wonderful loom to create a tapestry of sound ­ a sound characterized by lush arrangements, rich textures and intricate rhythms. Mark Biehl has shown great ingenuity and inventiveness on several artistic levels...


Magical Blend

LANDSCAPES is upbeat. It is a listening pleasure that keeps your interest and teases your imagination. I find myself playing it again and again.


New Times Seattle

It's rare to see such a fully realized project as LANDSCAPES by an established artist on a major label, so it's especially gratifying to herald the impressive independent debut of Mark Biehl.


Alternate Music Press

This is without a doubt one of the most dynamic, energetic, and positive instrumental albums I've ever listened to. All in all a superb audiophile recording.


New Age Voice

Anyone who has enjoyed the mythical sonic journeys of David Arkenstone will find these appealing in the same way. Let the music take you on a tour of places you may never visit anywhere other than in your imagination.



LANDSCAPES is destined to become signature hallmark tracks and do what Ray Lynch's "Deep Breakfast" did for all of us 'back-in-the-day.' Mark Biehl is a new artist to be placed on everyone's hot list.


Wind and Wire

Biehl's music is very soundtrack-like in nature. There is no better escape from reality and no better break for the weary mind...It took hold of me and refused to let go.


Omega New Age Directory

Melodic, rhythmic and very accessible new age instrumentals make this high spirited release a hit. Highly recommended.


Spirit of Change

LANDSCAPES unifies music for the aurally conjured visible panorama of intensely mystical vistas. It is music for the music lover, the seer, the romantic, the spiritual and the daydreamer.

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