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Thanks to the immense popularity of artists such as Ottmar Liebert, Jesse Cook and Strunz & Farah, music inspired by Flamenco and Gypsy music has flourished around the world. Not only have many of the great Seville-trained masters finally gotten the recognition they deserve, many of their students and fans have also been given the opportunity to carry on this ancient and passionate musical tradition. Lorenzo Dominguez is such an artist. Although hailing from New Mexico, his ancestors were from Spain. "These are songs of love, loss and hope," say Dominguez. "It's not Flamenco in the purist sense-I call it gypsy soul."

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New Mexico Magazine

Albuquerque musician Lorenzo Dominguez has won a national following with his Nouveau Flamenco recording Alma Gitano, Spanish for "Gypsy soul." Dominguez performed on a recent installment of the CNN television show, World Beat, and discussed his gravitation toward flamenco after starting out as a blues musician and fronting the retro-'60s rock band, The Strawberry Zots.

"You never stop learning," Dominguez says. "The music on Alma Gitano is basically the sum total of all that I have learned, combined with my love for the Gipsy Kings. I know it's not flamenco in the purest sense. I draw on elements such as Middle Eastern music, classical, pop and even jazz."

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Latin Style - The Latin Arts and Entertainment Magazine

Alma Gitano, Spanish for "gypsy soul," has demonstrated all we need to know about the lifelong passion and the rediscovery of a wondrous heritage of Lorenzo Dominguez. Lorenzo Dominguez lays bare his soul with "Camino de Oro." "Lumbrera" is his most gentle of the romance that one can only imagine. Challenging a love affair, "Novia" moves in an instant from a gentle classical caress to a more aggressive stance. The set closes with three pieces that brings the mind to a world of eloquence and balladry, "Vela Luz," "Chimayo" and "Prenda de Amor." Lorenzo Dominguez has presented us a glorious and spiritual blend of tender mercies and exotic rhythms of Alma Gitano.

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