{Click on the picture to search MMM} MMM Cover Welcome to Music, Movies, & Mayhem (MMM for short) wherein we will explore the impact of the technological revolution on the fields of art and entertainment.

Sounds pretty ambitious, doesn't it? Well, that's the long-term perspective anyway. Our short-term objective is to explain what our title means.

First, lets take the the 'Music.' We are fortunate to have varied experiences amongst the writing staff, their friends, and associates. We have songwriters, composers, producers, music journalists, radio hosts, recording engineers, and even a crusty piano teacher; who are willing to share their insights with us.

Next, the centre 'Movies' part. The various members of our team at MMM have worked as actors, extras, technical crew, music composers, writers, and even disembodied voices in film, television, and stage. In these issues of MMM, we will draw upon our collective experiences (yes, one of us did have a nude scene) to give an insider's view of how the drama industries (ie. film, TV, stage, etc.) work and how they don't work.

Finally, the 'Mayhem.' If you look it up in the dictionary, the word 'mayhem' has something to do with wilful destruction. As we move into the virtual age and constantly redefine ourselves and our activities, there has to be some destruction of old habits and outdated methods of work (and play, for that matter). We must be selective in what old methods we do away with and what new methods we embrace. We must be clear what our objectives are and how (and if) new technology will help us reach those objectives more easily. Discreet wilful destruction (or mayhem, if you like) plays an important part in all this. Well, enough philosophizing. We hope that you, our perceptive readers, enjoy our articles and we welcome your comments.

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