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"This is a Smooth Jazz album that's definitely got some meat on its bones! Superb musicianship and a fascinating variety of sounds and textures make this album a truly compelling breath of fresh musical air. Guitarist David Boswell (who, by the way, is famed pianist John Boswell's younger brother) uses 6-string electric, 6 and 12-string acoustic, and guitar synth variously on this impressive project, embellished with intriguing rhythm and percussion from Randy Drake and M.B. Gordy III respectively, fretted and fretless bass from Dean Taba, beautiful piano work from brother John, and even low whistle and Uilleann Pipes from Eric Rigler (Titanic, Braveheart, & Road To Perdition Soundtracks). The variety of soaring guitar voicings you'll hear on HOLD TIGHT TO YOUR DREAMS will capture you in its spell and hold you in rapt attention. This is one of those musical gems that I love to find...one that's got melody and smoothness, yes, but has so much more going for it when you open your ears and mind to its many nuances. From quiet to dynamically dramatic, this disc will get your attention and bring you back for more. From the beautifully pensive "Four Hours With A Friend" to the organic and cinematic complexity of "Path to Freedom" to the dynamically powerful "Up, Up and Away," this new collection of David Boswell guitar work comes highly recommended as an album of music you'll definitely want to have in your library."

-Scott O'Brien

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“Hold Tight To Your Dreams” as smooth as it gets!

"Smooth jazz is often defined in rich descriptive flamboyance but in this case the highest accolade you can give a jazz musician trying to fly in this genre is that it is just, smooth. David Boswell has set free, out of the studios of My Quiet Moon Records, a 2004 project with an emotional roller coaster attached to it. From one track to another you fly with memories, moments and dreams of times embraced throughout your life. “Hold Tight To Your Dreams” is an excellent example of why listeners should be optimistic concerning the talent in the independent music marketplace.

David Boswell [strings] along with John Boswell [Piano], Randy Drake [Drums], M.B. Gordy III [Percussion], Dean Taba [Fretted & Fretless Basses], and Eric Rigler [Low Whistle & Uileann Pipes] together enhance the listener’s musical experience with each cut. His music transmits poetry, as each movement becomes a verse in every moving musical sonnet. Actually, a remarkable jazz talent, this troubadour of the independent set, with his original stories set to music.

Like many independent musicians education is a major factor in David’s world. A staunch believer in educating the young in jazz in order to have generations to come, embrace the world of jazz. He at the same time educates the listener with the gift he provides in this project. His guitar ensemble is unique as he master the 6-string electric, 6 & 12 string acoustic, as well as synthesized guitar, all, which make an appearance in this project.

Some highlights that deserve notice is in the cut “Path to Freedom”, the expression from of the pipes to the initiation of the drums is a powerful mix of musical emotions, soon after bonding to bring a stunning introduction. Soon to be married to the sounds of David’s strings, the piece is gentle yet robust addition.

In “Dream of the Second Attention” the string presence with the gentle background of percussion and pipes makes for a melodramatic moment in this cut. It almost brings to mind the moment you first set eyes on the only true love you ever had. One of the smoothest pieces on this project, as it does have that spiritual quality rebounding off of the production. Almost as engaging is his flowing string action in the start of “The Dancer” which in a way reminds you of a warm brook flowing into the vast forest mist. Boswell has a talent for telling a story with out the articulation of a spoken word. A musical novel!

“Celebrate” is a feel good cut with the string and percussion teaming up to increase the energy of the project. Fast yet moderately arranged, it is a true “get in the car a just drive” sound. With its different tempos playing with each other, it offers a very enjoyable audio adventure.

David Boswell is one of the very promising talents on the independent jazz circuit. It would pay you dividends to add this project to your collecting, a great listen and may just, “Hold You Tight to Your Dreams”, with every cut!"

-Karl Stobber

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CIM Radio Smooth Jazz-New York

David Boswell - Hold Tight To Your Dreams Without a doubt, this recording is pure 100% high energy smooth jazz. David Boswell is a mighty talented jazz guitarist and all of it is completely evident in his brand new recording "Hold Tight To Your Dreams". In fact, Boswell is so talented that he even plays the 6 string electric, 6 and 12 string acoustic and synthesized guitars. The recording is certainly one of the best with influences from The Rippingtons and Pat Metheny. /Hold Tight To Your Dreams/ simply takes you to places never ventured before such as the vast Amazon Jungles and more. Another reason why this recording is superior among the many indie jazz releases these days is the fact that almost each and every track in this recording is carefully written, arranged and mixed in a "high energy" fashion. It is just fantastic. The best time and place for listening to this recording? When you're cruising during daylight.

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