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The instrumental music of Christopher Caouette begs some description, as it does not fit neatly into any one category. The pat term is New Age, though that expression tends to be limited to amorphous, often poorly constructed and banal "spacey" music, and is a subset of the works of Christopher Caouette, rather than a container. His compositions are tonal pieces, lushly layered, often with multiple movements, and paint varied musical impressions. The composer enlists elements from Progressive Electronic Music, Classical Music, Celtic Music, World Beat Music, and even Baroque Counterpoint. Caouette's music is emotionally evocative; timbres, textures, rhythm, melodies and harmonies intertwine and conspire to air out the feelings of the listener. His compositions are frequently playful, strongly rhythmic, sometimes touchingly sweet, and often sublimely powerful.


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I think I've finally found the perfect soundtrack for Anne McCaffrey's famous Dragonriders of Pern series. On "Ring of Dragons," lushly textured synthesizers paint evocative pictures of the power and beauty of these fantastic creatures. Christopher Caouette's compositions offer a wonderful variety of musical experiences. He includes elements of classical, Celtic, world beat, pop, and electronica into a powerfully energetic blend that's all his own. From soft, romantic ballads to full progressive electronic celebrations, this is music for riding dragons. Listen to this music on headphones and imagine soaring through the clouds on a moonlit night.

-Steve Ryals

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