Barry Franklin

Barry Franklin

Artist Biography

Barry Franklin began his musical career in a family band of 4 brothers and 2 sisters. The group performed in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Miami Beach, Florida before moving to Los Angeles in 1969. When the family group dissolved, Franklin played keyboards with Ropo Ash, a San Fernando Valley rock band, and with Johnny Stewart, a well-respected entertainer in the Los Angeles/San Diego area.

In the mid-80's, Franklin started writing music for commercials, movie trailers, TV promos and music libraries. His credits include the main title theme for "Bachelor Party," national jingles for The National Dairy Board and promos for The Disney Channel.

In 2004, Barry Franklin decided to produce an album of original compositions. During the next year and a half, he created 13 classically-influenced themes and gave them a modern, creative edge. Working with arranger and creative collaborator, Eugene Mishustin, TIME AND AGAIN was born.

This debut CD features thirteen Barry Franklin compositions, each exquisitely arranged for piano, acoustic guitar and orchestra. The CD's opening theme begins with an upright, slightly out-of-tune piano, as if coming from a scratchy, old 78-rpm record. The theme morphs into smooth electronic textures for the second verse, eventually closing with a combination of the old piano and modern orchestration, thus completing the musical circle.

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