Andrew Kim

Andrew Kim

Artist Biography

Andrew Kim is a Vancouver based ethnic multi-instrumentalist and sitar player with over 25 years of experience studying music from around the world. He received training on the sitar in Varanasi, India, under Pandit Shiv Nath Mishra, and is the recipient of the prestigious Shastri Indian music scholarship, as well as the silver medal from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Andrew also performs on numerous other instruments including guitar (from solo instrumental to African ), as well as his own unique inventions, the electric sitar, the 9 stringed Indian violin, and the Indian electric guitar. Andrew has released two CD’s, played on various recordings, film scores, 5 yoga video soundtracks, and a recording by the artist Raffi.

Performance History:
Andrew has an extensive performance history both internationally and locally.

In 2003, he represented Canada as a musical ambassador to China, performing in the Forbidden City and was featured on the front page of the Beijing Times. He has also performed in South Africa with Womad artists Mondetta , and has toured Thailand

Locally, Andrew has performed at the Vancouver Jazz fest, The Stan Rogers Fest, The Halifax Jazz fest, The Mission Folk fest, The New Music Festival, and Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill. He has performed with the Chinese superstar Dadawa, the rock band Spearhead, and his trio Dharmakasa performed as the opening act for Anoushka Shankar (Ravi Shankar’s daughter). He has also performed for the mayor numerous times and was featured on the CBC documentary “Cliché”. Andrew also performs regularly in the Indian community in Vancouver .

Andrew has performed with many prominent artists including:
-The Chinese superstar Dadawa
-The African band Feso,
-Bhangra fusion band Delhi2Dublin
-Dharmakasa (with Alcvin Ramos, a recognized master of the Japanese Shakuhachi),
-The world music ensemble Tandava,
-Womad artists Mondetta (in South Africa),
-Kow Kanda (opening up for African superstar Johnny Klegg),
-Numerous local Indian musicians including Bhangra bands Dal Dil Vog and Anaamika,
-A guest appearance with the band Spearhead.

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