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Agnus Dei

Artist Biography

Agnus Dei was formed in 2001 by Austrian musician Gerald Krampl and lyricist Hilde Krampl. The duo decided to create a dyad of a certain esoteric themes which are revealed through poetry and music. Geraldís music is achieved through piano & keyboard orchestration. The stories are esoteric fantasy tales, but told in Hildeís own unique style. The project is not exclusively suited for the esoteric circle but also for all lovers of romantic and imaginative music & poems. The effect is to take your mind away on a meditative journey.

Gerald Krampl was born in 1954. As a youth, he was educated in classical piano. In the 1970ís and 1980ís he founded the Austrian symphonic rock bands Kyrie Eleison and Indigo in which he played keyboards. Over the years, Gerald has owned and operated his own recording studio and music production company. Gerald actively practices Reiki (Master Level), Runes reading, and Meditation.

Hilde Krampl was born in 1956. Since her childhood days she fell in love with the lyrics of Hermann Hesse, Heinrich Boll, and Erich Fried. Inspired by their works, she tried her hand at writing a variety of her own poems and stories. In 1996 took the first steps into serious esoteric activities with the first and second initiations into Reiki, later on followed an education in Huna. She has also worked with Stones and Blossoms. Since 2001 she started anew, writing lyrics and poems and trying to take a fresh look upon esoteric themes in fantastic and imaginative ways. This created the framework for Geraldís musical ideas.

Sadly, in 2002, Hilde Krampl passed away. She is greatly missed.

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