Music Lessons Vancouver

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Welcome to our  teaching website. We have one of the most rewarding careers any person can have.  We teach people to make their own music and to share that music with others. Our students learn  real skills they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.  There are no limits to the enjoyment of music. We try to impart this joy to our students.

We recognize that musical skill can be acquired by almost anyone.

We recognize that whoever comes to us for music instruction brings with them their own unique set of attributes and abilities. This is why we teach lessons one on one. It allows us to work with each individual’s needs and maximize their natural gifts.

Music can range widely in terms of style and complexity, but every song is constructed from fundamental basics. Mastering these basics is essential to playing convincingly.

A well rounded musical education includes not only reading music on the page, but also playing songs by ear, improvising music and composing your own music. In understanding and recognizing what you are hearing, you can begin to appreciate music on a deeper level and be able to communicate to others in the language of “music.”

We recognize that many people wish to go beyond playing an instrument competently.  They also want to be able to sing and to accompany themselves on their chosen instrument. For this reason, we teach an integration of playing and singing to students who have that desire.

Special Update: March 20, 2020

At Music Lessons Vancouver we are happy to report that the current COVID-19 crisis has not gotten in the way of our students’ ability to take regular music lessons. It is still teaching as usual, but with a little twist…..we have successfully adapted our lessons to Skype.  For years, Skype lessons have been a part of what we offer.  But, as of today, we have converted all our lessons to Skype.  In this way, we can support the social distancing measures necessary to protect our collective health without sacrificing the quality of the programs we offer.

Times are tough but we can still make every day count.  Music lessons are an ideal way to do that.   Students can take advantage of their extra time at home to greatly enhance their musical skills.   Perhaps even more importantly, learning to sing and/or play an instrument creates a positive focus which can protect mental health in these uncertain times.